Health & Safety Policy Statement

Sun Country Well Servicing considers safe operations and quality service to be an integral part of our operations. We strive to protect our employees, clients, general public as well as the environment in everything we do. At Sun Country Well Servicing, we recognize that there is risk inherent to all work practices.The greatest costs are to human factors. We believe that risks can be eliminated and or mitigated through consistent application of safety and loss control management practices.

Manages and Supervisors are responsible for providing and maintaining this environment through proper programs, procedures, training, and the provision of equipment to ensure that work is done to accepted standards and in compliance with government regulations.

All employees are expected to actively participate in, and assist with, the ongoing development of these policies and procedures for the health and safety of individuals and protection of the environment.

All Sun Country Well Servicing employees are responsible for obeying company safety rules, government regulation and industry requirements. It is expected that each and every employee will follow safe work procedures and wear all applicable PPE when required. They will participate in training sessions and programs; inform management of any unsafe conditions and all individuals have the obligation to refuse any unsafe work.

Sun Country Well Servicing is well aware of the importance of the environment within which we all live and work and is dedicated and committed to the protection of our environment in all respects.